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'Kicking Up A Racket - The Story Of Stiff Little Fingers 1977-1983' (ISBN-13: 978 1 84758 145 7)
By Roland Link

Cost (GBP): 14.99 (hardback)
Publisher: Appletree Press
Author: Roland Link

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Cost: (GBP) 14.99


As one of Belfast's most important and influential bands a biography on Stiff Little Fingers' original career was long overdue. Kicking Up A Racket fills that gap admirably.

Combining a wealth of contemporaneous source material with over eighty all new, in-depth interviews with the band members and managers from the time period, friends, fans, musical contemporaries and music journalists Kicking Up A Racket sets out to chart the high-octane story of Stiff Little Fingers initial incarnation.

From their beginnings as a blisteringly ferocious, late Seventies Belfast punk rock combo right through to the granite hard guitar pop/rock offerings of the early Eighties: it's all here. Combined with a plethora of photographs, most previously unseen, Kicking Up A Racket is the last word on Stiff Little Fingers' original time together.

From punk rock to biting guitar pop this first period of the band's existence provided a fine body of work, which continues to inspire, enthuse and motivate to this day. Kicking Up A Racket is a must for all Stiff Little Fingers devotees and fans of punk rock and guitar music in general.


“For more than twenty years people have asked me why I don't write the definitive history of Stiff Little Fingers. This book saves my the trouble.”
Gordon Ogilvie (Stiff Little Fingers' Manager 1977-1983)

“No Stiff Little Fingers. No U2, it's as simple as that.”
Nicky Tesco, (The Members)

“Stiff Little Fingers ... raw aggression married to an endearing intelligence ... the great lost story of punk, at last, brought to book.”
Mick Middles (Author & Music Journalist)

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