Children of the Boneyard Stones

The History of the Screaming Dead

By Roland Link

Children Of The Boneyard Stones

Inspired by the Ramones and Sex Pistols the Screaming Dead’s early tracks are gloriously brash, immediate slices of fast and furious splatter Punk Rock. Visually the band was informed by British Punk’s original sense of sartorial individuality and style, a deep appreciation of Hammer Horror films, the sleaze trash glamour of the New York Dolls and the brooding malevolence of early-Seventies era Rolling Stones. The striking look, which included a liberal use of make-up, ensured the band stood out from the Hardcore and Oi crowd. They dubbed themselves ‘Horror Punk’.

By 1983, a redefinition of the band’s artwork and a musical move towards atmospherically dark, romantically melancholic material resulted in the Screaming Dead’s transformation into a truly original band. It was confirmed on record by that year’s magnificent Night Creatures 12” EP. The follow up single, ‘Paint It Black’, looked set to build on Night Creatures’ independent chart success and push the band to new heights. That was until the collapse of their record company.

Further bad luck, combined with bad choices and bad timing led to the band imploding a few years later, at the very moment that they should have been exploding onto the British music scene. The mid-Nineties witnessed a version of the band reconvene and play a number of successful tours and record the Death Rides Out CD, but by 2000 they’d again parted ways. 2014 marked the reformation of another line-up, which continues to this day and sees them belatedly reaping a little of their just rewards.

However, as so often happens with pioneers it’s left to others to pick up the major accolades. In this case, just remember that long before The Cult, Sex Gang Children, Alien Sex Fiend, Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission and a raft of others who found widespread success and adoration playing Punk infused dark music - later labelled Goth, Death Rock and a myriad of other terms - there was the Screaming Dead; the true instigators, originators and motivators.

Detailed research, combined with numerous in-depth interviews with band members, managers, musical contemporaries, fans and friends ensure the whole rollercoaster ride of the Screaming Dead story is meticulously captured for the very first time in Children Of The Boneyard Stones. The book includes original poster art and two photo sections containing many previously unseen images.

Please note this will be a Screaming Dead/Kicking Up A Racket limited edition publication.