Here's how to check if your iPhone needs a new battery

Here’s how much more iPhone battery replacements will cost next year

November 9, 2022

Get ready to start paying more for iPhone battery replacements starting next year. Apple’s $29 battery replacement program, which launched in January after customers complained Apple was slowing down older iPhones to prevent unexpected shutdowns, ends Dec. 31.  And now the company has added new pricing for battery replacement to its support page, 9to5Mac noticed.  After the new […]

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Monumental New Soho House [Amsterdam]

November 8, 2022

Located inside Bungehuis Building on the city’s Spuistraat, Soho House in Amsterdam takes inspiration from its architectural history. Back in the 1930s, it was a trading office which was later turned into a university building.

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Five ways 5G will impact the customer experience

5G is finally starting to feel real

November 4, 2022

Do you want to know what 5G is going to look like? In early Dec. Qualcomm went all-in on how next-generation wireless technology will take shape when it debuts in 2019. The maker of mobile chips, best known for the powerful processors that serve as the brains of high-profile phones, such as the Google Pixel 3 and Samsung […]

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10 years later, Google still has the creepy ability to remotely control a phone

October 28, 2022

Ten years is a long time. Nearly long enough to forget that Google — and for that matter, Apple — have the ability to control some parts of your phone over the internet. And maybe quietly change things without your permission. But Google made a very public mistake last week, and it’s raising the specter […]

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Motorola's Android One smartphone coming to the US for $399 - 9to5Google

Motorola One is a $399, ‘pure’ Android phone for Best Buy

October 27, 2022

Worthy midrange Android phones are few and far between, but the Motorola One aims to prove its mettle for $399. First announced in August for Europe, Asia and Latin America, the Motorola One will make its US debut with Best Buy on Nov. 11. Preorders start Nov. 9 at (The phone’s 299 euro price […]

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Brazil by Massimo Vitali for The New York Times Magazine

October 27, 2022

From crowded beaches to shipyards to favelas and graffiti covered streets, Brazil is a visual treat. The New York Times Magazine sent one of our favorite photographers, Massimo Vitali, to turn his lens on Brazil,

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AT&T picks Indianapolis as test market for new 5G wireless service | Fox 59

AT&T chooses Indianapolis as next city to get 5G service

October 25, 2022

Indianapolis will get 5G service later this year. On Thursday, AT&T said the capital of Indiana would get next-generation mobile service by the end of 2018, part of the company’s roll out of 5G to a dozen cities this year. AT&T has already begun preparations for the service in Indianapolis, which will be the 7th city to get […]

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Pollinator extinctions alter structure of ecological networks

October 19, 2022

The absence of a single dominant bumblebee species from an ecosystem disrupts foraging patterns among a broad range of remaining pollinators in the system — from other bees to butterflies, beetles and more, field experiments show. Biology Letters published the research, which may have implications for the survival of both rare wild plants and major food […]

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Adobe wants to bring its AI smarts to email marketing campaigns

October 17, 2022

Adobe announced a number of new capabilities for its Adobe Campaign email marketing tools. Most of these are available now (better dashboards, new email templates, better support for multilingual campaigns), but the most interesting new features the company showed me during a briefing earlier this week are still a while out. It’s worth stressed that […]

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We may be underestimating future economic growth, and its potential climate effects

October 13, 2022

One of the more critical yet unknown factors that will determine the extent of global climate change over the next century is the rate of economic growth. Yet there is relatively little research on these long-term forecasts and the uncertainty they might present. That uncertainty, it turns out, is far greater than economists, or climate […]

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